10 Equations That Changed the World

Are you interested in what E=mc^2 actually means and why it it so important?

Do you know why logarithms were so revolutionary?

A level Maths teaches us mathematical methods and how to solve equations but not the history or context they were discovered in or why they are so important.

Equations tell us so much about the world we live in. A level Maths teaches you to solve a variety of  equations and is a qualification that is valued across many professions.

To see the beauty in an equation, you need to understand it. Learning A level Maths is difficult but one of the rewards for all your hard work is the ability which only a very small percentage of the population have – to see the beauty of mathematics.

This youtube video is a really good introduction to some of the equations considered the most beautiful and important of all – equations which have led to dramatic developments in maths, physics, biology, psychology, economics and chemistry.

In the new spec A level Maths syllabus (the pure maths part of the course) you will learn

  • How to differentiate and integrate
  • How to solve trigonometric and exponential equations
  • How to manipulate advanced algebra
  • How to model real life situations in statistics and mechanics

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Check out the video for more!

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