FAQ – About the Courses

How long does my subscription last for?

Subscriptions are on-going, and payments are withdrawn each month, similar to Spotify or Netflix.

Students can end their subscription at any time if they no longer require access.

Can I view course contents & try it before I enrol?

Absolutely! New users can view a sample size of the video tutorials for two whole weeks! Just submit the Free Trial form: HERE

Which exam boards do you cover?

Our video tutorials are exam board specific for AQA, OCR (A), and EDEXCEL (A). There is a significant overlap in course content with other exam boards (CIE, WJEC..), so our program will certainly be beneficial to these students, however, we can not guarantee our product outside of the exam boards that we cover.

What's the difference between the Content Guide and the Exam Guide?

The Content Guide teaches you all of the relevant content that will be on the exam. It consists of 3-5 minute video tutorials that will transform complicated topics into simple, easy to understand concepts.

The Exam Guide helps you apply these concepts, training you to get full marks on the exam. It’s purely focused on past papers, and will guide you through professional exam technique and practice papers.

*The Ultimate Guide is a combination of both packages.

How do I register for the live web classes?
You can view and register for the web classes within the course, under the LIVE CLASS SCHEDULE & REGISTRATION heading. There, you’ll be able to see the schedule and register for upcoming classes.
Can I access recordings of past web classes?

You bet! Students can access the recordings all year! Our web classes are recorded and uploaded 1-2 days after the live class takes place. So, if you can’t make it to the live class, you can always check it out later!

How does the Money Back Guarantee work?

We are so confident in our program that if you don’t improve by – at least – one full grade, we’ll give you a complete refund. Check out our Money Back Guarantee page here to find out how to qualify. *Must subscribe to the Ultimate Guide

Do you have courses for other topics?

Tailored Tutors is proud to offer full programmes for Chemistry, Maths and Biology, with new subjects added every year!

What happens if I have a question about a topic?

Students have the ability to ask questions underneath the video tutorials, 24/7! We plead that you ask all topic questions on the tutorial pages, and not via e-mail, so that all students can benefit from the answer. Your question will be made visible once the tutor has responded. Due to high demand, please allow for up to 3 business days to receive a response.

Is it worth it?

We’ll let you decide! Try it out, and if you’re not satisfied in the first 7 days, we’ll give you your money back! Check out the full details about our 7 Day Guarantee on the Terms of Use page, here.

Be sure to also take a look at the video testimonials on our website, as well as the Facebook and Google reviews, submitted by students who have completed the course!

My entire class wants access, can we get a school account?

Absolutely! We give our programme to schools for free! We work with many partner schools throughout the UK, and can provide unlimited access and support through our Partner Program. Read more about our School Programme ‘Brainia’ here.

Can I download pre-made notes?

The reason why our program is so effective – is because you take down your own notes. We’ve created them for you, so there isn’t much to do. You simply need to write down what you see on the screen and you’ll be learning/memorising without even realising it!

I live in another country, will your course still help me?

Many other countries use the A-Level exam system, however, we specialise in tutoring within the UK and do not currently offer additional support for students who study in english as their second language. There is a significant overlap in course content and so our program will certainly be beneficial, however, we can not guarantee our product outside of the UK Exam Boards that we cover.