A-Level Biology, Made Simple.

We’ve transformed the entire AS & A2 Biology curriculum into about 40 hours of concise, exam specific video tutorials that also double as a complete set of revision notes. The key terms and vital information are simplified and organised into an engaging series of short and memorable video tutorials.

Meet Rich — He's Your New Tutor

When you join Tailored Tutors you get access to your very own personal tutor — on demand. Rich Thompson (the guy in the videos with the outstanding moustache) has a first class degree in Biology and has worked as one of the top Biology tutors in the UK for 10+ years.

His method is extremely different than students are used to, which is why his tutees see such good results. Rather than teaching every detail in the biology text book, he only teaches what will be on the exam. How, you ask? He went through 10+ years of past papers and pulled out all of the most common questions and answers; re-organized the entire Biology curriculum around those common exam questions and cut out all the filler. The end result of this process is a series of concise, memorable and exam specific tutorials (that also double as revision notes). It’s simply the most effective way to learn.

The AS & A2 Biology courses contain way too much detailed and complicated information, it’s simply not possible to remember it all. As a result, most students struggle to pass the course with a good grade.

How Did We Solve This Problem?

We removed all the filler information from the course and condensed only the key information into simple tutorials. Our video tutorials are short and easy to memorise. Best of all, they contain only the information that will be on the exam.

What Does This Mean For Students?

It doesn’t matter if you’re top of class or just scraping through, everyone has the potential to do better with proven study techniques. Students who use Tailored Tutors don’t have to spend days stressfully cramming before the exam. They can walk into the exam room with confidence, knowing what to expect and how to easily answer all of the questions.