A-Level Biology, Made Simple.

We’ve supercharged our online video tutorials with – research based learning techniques – that are proven to drastically increase information recall, comprehension and memory. It’s simply the most effective way to learn.

The AS & A2 Biology courses contain way too much detailed and complicated information, it’s simply not possible to remember it all. As a result, most students struggle to pass the course with a good grade.

How Did We Solve This Problem?

We removed all the filler information from the course and condensed only the key information into simple tutorials. Our video tutorials are short and easy to memorise. Best of all, they contain only the information that will be on the exam.

What Does This Mean For Students?

It doesn’t matter if you’re top of class or just scraping through, everyone has the potential to do better with proven study techniques. Students who use Tailored Tutors don’t have to spend days stressfully cramming before the exam. They can walk into the exam room with confidence, knowing what to expect and how to easily answer all of the questions.

Meet Your Tutor!

After achieving a first class degree in Biology, Rich Thompson (the guy in the videos with the outstanding moustache) began working as one of the UK’s top science tutors for over 10+ years.

Over the years he noticed that most of his students suffered from the same problems time and again. Students were overwhelmed by the amount information in the A-Level course, they were unsure on how to answer exam questions, and they didn’t know what information they should be memorising.

Rich knew that there had to be a better way to revise – so he began the process of sifting through all of the A-Level exam papers from the past ten years, synthesizing the text books specific to each exam board, and filling in the remaining blanks with his own university education in order to pinpoint exactly what would be on the exam. He spent years organizing this information into easy to understand mini-tutorials, and then built an online program so that all students could access his help without the high price tag of individual tutoring.

This online tool has since helped 1000’s of students to massively increase their exam scores (often by more than 3 grades), while also giving them the knowledge and confidence they need to go forward with their studies.

And that’s the story! If you want to learn more about Rich, feel free to reach out to him directly at [email protected]

Rich Thompson

Biology Degree

First Class (Honours)

11+ Years Experience

1,000’s of hours of tutoring

100% Success Rate

Students regularly improve by 1-3 full grades

Let`s Revise Together