Brainia in Brief

Being a Brainia School/College

We create online courses designed to allow teachers to blend their students’ learning in the classroom with their learning outside the classroom.

Students get access to all of our video tutorials from July to March, board specific, for Chemistry, Biology and Maths, for free.

We help teachers out by providing a ‘cupboard of nice things to find’ for all Brainia teachers who teach the same subject and board, into which we put resources which can be used alongside our online tutorials.

Teachers help us out by putting useful things into the cupboard and by letting us know any ideas they have about how we can improve to better support the work they are doing with their students.

We work together to cohesively support the learning of all students

(No payment required, no strings attached)


We’d love to have you in the programme!
Contact our Brainia Director (& TT maths teacher) Ronnie, who can answer your Brainia (or maths) questions & sign you up
Email: [email protected]
Call: 02081 44 14 92