Year 11 Students

Bridging the gap from GCSE to A-Level

Our breakthrough A-level plan gives you the perfect
structure for at home learning.


With Tailored Tutors’ Free Online Course for Year 11 Students

There is a big step up between GCSE and A Level. Year 12 will be more difficult, more complicated and will have a lot more content to learn and memorize.

More to the point: when you start year 12 your teacher will expect that you learned key content independently from home. Don’t start the year behind the rest of your class. Our free course gives you the perfect structure for Year 12 preparation.

Not sure you want to do A-Levels? No big deal. Take A-levels for a test drive before committing to your academic future. Best of all: it’s ‘no strings attached’—which means there are no costs or hidden fees.

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    • Completely free: no costs or fees
    • Used by colleges across the UK
    • Guaranteed grade improvement
    • Empowers you students to master the content at home
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Common Questions

Who is it for?
Current Year 11 students who want to get a taste of what it is like to study A Level Biology, Chemistry and Maths. Students that have decided they are going to study these subjects and want to start learning the A Level content.
What is included in the Starting Year 12 Course?
Designed by A Level experts, our video tutorials cover the key topics that you will need to know at the start of Year 12. Plus, you can join the daily study sessions to get a taste of what AS and A Level students are working on. Questions? No problem. You can talk to your tutor directly in the course through the comment feature on each tutorial.
Why bother starting on Year 12 content?
There is a big jump in difficulty between GCSE’s and A Levels. More details, more complex information, and way more content. By the time you start year 12, you will have been expected to learn key ‘bridging’ content independently at home. Students who fail to do this will start year 12 behind their class. Our course gives you everything you need to bridge the gap in knowledge from GCSE and A Level, and also helps you to decide if A Levels are right for you.
Benefits: Why is it better than textbooks or YouTube
Learning content outside of the classroom through a text book—is slow and difficult. The TT tutorials are concise and cut all the unnecessary waffle. Not only that, you can be confident that the videos are 100% exam board specific and you can ask your tutor questions 24/7!
How will I be supported
You can post questions under any video tutorial and you will get a personalised response form us. Upload photos of questions you’re stuck on and we’ll give you help or feedback on your answers. We also host study sessions so you can join us there to ask us questions live.
Can I ask questions if I get stuck?
Yes! 24/7/365! You post questions under any video tutorial and you will get a personalised response form us.
Will A Level exams be on next year?
We can’t say for sure of course, but in all likelihood, life will be back to normal next Summer and the exams will go ahead as scheduled.
I’m a parent how can this help my son/daughter
The TT course is written and delivered by experts in their field. You can trust that the course will give your son or daughter access to the materials and support they need.
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