Year 13 Students

AS and A Level

Our breakthrough A-level plan gives you the perfect
structure for at home learning.


The perfect structure for at home learning.

Students who are happy with their calculated grade, may still be assessed by their university.
Students are unhappy with their predicted grade will need to sit an exam in order to appeal and change your grade.

This step-by-step guide will give you a refreshing break from tired study methods, and our goofproof workbook is flexible and clear—so you know what to focus your time on in order to properly prepare for the start of year 13.

Add a dose of clarity.

  • Learn the content directly from A-Level experts
  • Stop studying tediously topic, by topic, by topic
  • Cover all the content in one hour a day, or less
  • See an immediate and noticeable improvement in your studies

How It Works.


You can follow our suggested structure every step of the way, but it’s also flexible.

We don’t make the mistake of making a rigid study timetable (that no one ever sticks to).


We’ll work with you from now until you are assessed to make sure you get the results you deserve.

Don’t give up on your grade.


Watch your marks improve before your eyes, while you hike up your results grade by grade on your graph.

Take total control of your results.


Once you identify the areas you need to improve, you will focus on your weak areas and improve your skills through flexible “Action Hours.”


Students across the UK, who are revising for the exact same exams you are, are joining us live every week on YouTube to learn directly from our exam professionals.


Everytime you sit down at your desk you will have clarity and confidence, knowing that you are working on the exact right areas and spending every moment wisely.

Common Questions

Who is it for?
Year 13 students who need to complete the spec while studying from home in preparation for potential Autumn exams and/or assessment when they get to university.
How will it help me?
Access the whole specification delivered in concise 6-10 min tutorials. Complete your notes and be taught rather than teaching yourself from a textbook.
What is included in the Free Trial?
Access to both the Content Guide and the Exam Guide, including comments and live classes.
What is the Study at Home Exambulance?
A framework for you to keep in touch with your studies at home. It allows you the flexibility to complete the Year 13 content, apply your knowledge and improve your exam technique. The framework is designed to keep you in touch with your studies up to the end of July (When the calculated grades are released)
Why bother doing any work right now?
When you receive your grades in July, you may want to appeal a grade you have been given in a particular subject. In which case you will have to sit those exams in the Autumn. We recommend you stay on top of your studies so you are ready for this scenario, just in case. Equally, it is also highly likely that your chosen university will also want to assess you when you start!
Benefits: Why is it better than textbooks or YouTube
You can achieve your goals in half the time with TT. The tutorials are concise and cut all the waffle you usually find in textbooks. Not only that, you can be confident that the videos are 100% exam board specific and you can ask us questions 24/7!
How will I be supported
You can post questions under any video tutorial and you will get a personalised response form us. We also hold live tutorials every week so you can join us there to ask us questions live.
Can I ask questions if I get stuck?
Yes! 24/7/365! You post questions under any video tutorial and you will get a personalised response form us.
I’m a parent how can this help my son/daughter
The TT course is written and delivered by experts in their field. You can trust that the course will give your son or daughter access to the materials and support they need to complete their Year 13 studies and improve their subject knowledge and confidence in the subject.
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