The Study At Home: Exambulance

A free A-level practice course for at home learning.

AS and A Level
Biology, Chemistry and Maths



Practice your skills and stay in touch with your studies.

This free tool is ideal for formulated for students studying at home, and private candidates who are preparing for assessment. From now until your next assessment, this step-by-step plan will guide you through your self isolation studies.

Designed by (bloody clever) A-level professionals, our wonder-working method was tested with thousands of students earlier this year and the results have been astounding. The goofproof workbook is flexible and clear—so you know what to focus your time on in order to maximise your results when schools re-open.

Best of all? It’s completely free.

Add a dose of clarity.
  • Stop studying tediously topic, by topic, by topic
  • Cover all the content in one hour a day, or less
  • See an immediate and noticeable improvement in your studies


What Ingredients Do We Use?

A Complete Practice Plan (PDF)

You can follow our suggested practice structure every step of the way, but it’s also flexible.

Grade Analysis Workbook (PDF)

Our “Marks I Dropped” (MID) sheets empower you to mark your own exams, so that you will clearly see where your knowledge gaps are are.

Grade Prediction Tracker (PDF)

Take total control of your results. Watch your marks improve before your eyes, while you hike up your results grade by grade on your graph.

Journal of Common Mistakes (PDF)

Once you identify the areas you need to improve, you will pin point your revision on your weak areas and see instant improvements.

Daily Live Study Support (Optional)

Students across the UK, who are revising for the exact same exams you are, are joining us live every day (Mon-Fri) to learn directly from our exam professionals.

Personalised Study Plans

Every time you sit down at your desk you will have clarity and confidence, knowing that you are working on the exact right areas and spending every moment wisely.

Common Questions

What is it?
The Exambulance is a free course to help students finish learning all the content and to give structure and support to students studying their AS or A Levels from home.
Who is it for?
The Exambulance is a free course to help students finish learning all the content and to give structure and support to students studying their AS or A Levels from home.
What’s included?
  • A study planner to give students a flexible framework for organising their studying from home. The core plan includes activities for one hour per day per subject
  • Live ‘Study with me’ sessions for students to join in with a focused hour of study
  • Live classes with our expert tutors to complete the teaching of the AS and A Level specifications
  • Weekly student check-ins to answer any questions they have about the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on their A Levels
  • Expert advice on exam technique and how to use the TT Revision Method
How long does it last for?
There is no time limit! You can stay enrolled in the course until your exams in the Autumn
Do I get access to Content Guide and Exam Guide?
No, the Exambulance does not include the video tutorials themselves. It’s a way to keep organised and structure your time so that you can consolidate everything you’ve learned this year and cover any topics you still need to learn.
Do I need to have a subscription to use the Exambulance?
No, that’s not required! Having access to the Content Guide and Exam Guide will make learning and consolidating the AS and A Level content much quicker and easier but the Exambulance will benefit your studies even without a Tailored Tutors subscription.


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