FAQ – The Revision Kit

What's the difference between the Ultimate Guide and the Revision Kit?

The Ultimate Guide teaches you all of the relevant content that will be on the exam. It consists of 3-5 minute video tutorials that will transform complicated topics into simple, easy to understand concepts.

The Revision Kit helps you apply these concepts, training you to get full marks on the exam. It’s purely focused on past papers, and will guide you through professional exam technique and practice papers.

What’s included in the Revision Kit?
  • Exam Technique: Critical revision strategies and schedules.
  • Past Papers: Practice writing past papers with your tutor.
  • Revise by Topic: Practice answering questions on the topics you struggle with the most.
  • Study With Me: Join your tutor up to 5 times a week for a unique revision exercise.
As an Ultimate Guide subscriber, do I get a discount on the Revision Kit?

Absolutely! As a loyal subscriber, you can purchase the Revision Kit for just £29/mo. Simply access your courses page, and locate the “Add The Revision Kit” course. Voila!

I only have the Revision Kit - can I join the web classes?

We’d love to see you at the live, weekly web classes! To gain access, you’ll just need to add the Ultimate Guide subscription to your package. Shoot me an e-mail at [email protected], and I can hook you up!

Is there a Revision Kit for Year 12?

Coming soon!