FAQ – How to Use the Courses

Can I view course contents & try it before I enrol?

Absolutely! New users can view a sample size of the video tutorials for two whole weeks! Just submit the Free Trial form: HERE

How do I register for the live web classes?
You can view and register for the web classes within the course, under the LIVE CLASS SCHEDULE & REGISTRATION heading. There, you’ll be able to see the schedule and register for upcoming classes.
Can I access recordings of past web classes?

You bet! Students can access the recordings all year! Our web classes are recorded and uploaded 1-2 days after the live class takes place. So, if you can’t make it to the live class, you can always check it out later!

What happens if I have a question about a topic?

Students have the ability to ask questions underneath the video tutorials, 24/7! We plead that you ask all topic questions on the tutorial pages, and not via e-mail, so that all students can benefit from the answer. Your question will be made visible once the tutor has responded. Due to high demand, please allow for up to 3 business days to receive a response.

Will the course work on my mobile device or tablet?

Yes, it will! Our courses are available to view on all Apple and Android mobiles and tablets, as well as on all current browsers on a Mac or a PC.

Can I download pre-made notes?

The reason why our program is so effective – is because you take down your own notes. We’ve created them for you, so there isn’t much to do. You simply need to write down what you see on the screen and you’ll be learning/memorising without even realising it!

How do I upgrade / change my package?

To upgrade your package, all you need to do is subscribe to the new course that you’re interested in! Make sure that you end your previous subscription, or shoot us a message so that we can ensure you’ve been unenrolled.