Information & Privacy Management

Upon enrolment, your identifying information (name, email, year of study, exam board, and enrolled courses) is updated in our CRM (Active Campaign). We do this so that we can help serve and assist you as a valued customer.

Our CRM lets us know important things, like whether you’ve received an email you were supposed to receive, or if you’ve unsubscribed from an email list or product (etc.).

If you’d like for us to send you this data, or delete you from our CRM at any time, please fill out the form below and we will process your request within 5-7 business days.

Please note that removing your information from our CRM alone will not revoke your access within our academy ( You will still be able to use the courses you purchased from us.

You will, however, no longer receive information on course changes, changes to your products or policies, sales, promotions, friend referrals, or our Money Back Guarantee. In order to qualify for the Money Back Guarantee you will need to enrol yourself in this programme within one week of your enrolment. You will also need to approve emails associated with the Money Back Guarantee, otherwise we will not be able to offer you this service without any means of contacting you or assessing your grade.

Unsubscribe from emails

Request a copy of you information

Delete your data

Full Account Deletion

To fully delete your account and lose access to the academy, fill out the form below.

Please note that once this is done, it can NOT be undone. You will lose all previous purchases and subscriptions, and they can not be retrieved. You will exempt your account from the Money Back Guarantee or future refunds.

Once you complete this form, please allow for 5-7 business days for our team to remove your account in our CRM and in our Academy.

Thanks for being a part of Tailored Tutors — Best of luck in whatever comes next for you!

Complete the account deletion form here