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The Perks

Free access to TT courses.

Personalised coupon code. Share it and get paid every time it’s used to buy a TT Membership.

Consult on new projects & offerings. Help make TT the best online tutoring experience for A Level students.

Bonus: Access to paid intern work, if you want it.


The Job Description

Post regular tips, tricks, advice and updates on social media or YouTube.

Run a weekly 45 minute “study with me” session

Give us your input each month to create feature YouTube videos on our channel.

No specialist knowledge required—just you, your webcam, and your A Level experience.




Record a 3 minute (or less) video introducing yourself to the team.
Tell us what your favourite TT features are (and why) and why you want to become a TT Brand Ambassador.
Editing skills welcome but not necessary
Click the link below, upload your video and complete the form

*Must be enrolled in Biology, Chemistry or Maths A Level to qualify.

Applications close 10:00pm Friday October 1st 2021

*By submitting your application, you agree to the Tailored Tutors Media Submission Policy (Clause 14)

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