Wait… There’s TWO types of water?

Water is just H2O… right? Wrong!

Scientists have just delved into the structure of water at an unprecedented level.

The proton spins in hydrogen atoms can spin differently, like we know in H-NMR in A Level Chemistry, so it turns out there’s TWO types!

Scientists have just discovered that there are two types of water: “Ortho” and “Para“.

These two types of water are essentially the same apart from the fact that the proton spins in the two hydrogen atoms can either be the same or different. We already know that proton spins allow us to identify organic structures through the use of H- Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (H-NMR).

Now, you may think that this has little consequence for chemistry (and biology), but you’d be wrong. Scientists have found that they do have different chemical properties and not only can they have an impact on the chemical reactions that they are involved in, but also the ones that occur IN them.

Check out this article for an insight.

KEY POINTS: A Level Chemistry + Water + Protons + H-NMR