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Tailored Tutors offers the only Chemistry Course you will ever need to pass your AS and A level exams. We cover the full spec for your exam board. Everything you need, nothing you don’t. Promise.


Chemistry Guides

AS and A Level
All exam boards: AQA | EDEXCEL | OCR

Full Content
Learn the whole AS & A Level specification in approx. 40 hours. Covers all the topics, terminology, calculation technique & required practicals.
Concise Notes

Colour coded revision notes help you remember all the key terms. Use our templates to create your own effective notes fast.

Exam Technique

Critical revision strategies and study schedules. Understand what the exam questions are REALLY asking and how to answer them properly.

Past Papers

Exam Training is not covered in your textbook or class – Practice writing past papers with your tutor so you are properly prepared.

Personal Tutor 24/7

Ask Rich any question at any time and get personal support on any topic you get stuck on. Join him live every week for an interactive learning session.





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Core Features


Rich’s techniques simplify complex calculation questions.


Make cheat sheets on all the required practicals for you exam board.


Learn the common topic combinations ready for the exam.


Master organic reactions quickly with Rich’s cheat sheet.


Get to grips with the definitions and principles you need to use.


It’s a huge part of the spec. Rich’s methods remove the confusion.


Be ready for any question by truly understanding the chemistry.


Remove the procrastination problem.

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Common Questions

What is the TT Method? How will it help me increase my grades?
The Tailored Tutors Revision Method is a flexible framework that uses past papers to ensure that your time spent revising is as efficient as possible. We teach you how the key content and exam technique so that you can achieve your target grade. The TT Revision Method is measured and backed by data – it just works.
Does it work for me? (All other options have failed me.)
Our unique teaching method has already helped thousands of students pass their AS and A levels. Therefore, we guarantee that by completing this course you will improve by at least one full grade OR you get your money back. That’s how confident we are.
Does it cover the full specification for my exam board?
All our guides are 100% exam board specific. Currently we offer AQA, OCR and Edexcel (A). The guides include EVERYTHING you need to know and NOTHING you don’t.
Will I get personalised help?
Yes, absolutely. You can access your highly qualified tutor directly at any time, 24/7, by commenting directly below the lectures. Your tutor will reply to you with a personalised answer within 24 hours. We’re here to help when you need us.
Can I ask questions at any time?
Yes. You can ask questions 24/7 with personal answers within the next day — that’s better than having a weekly tutor at your home. Ask as many questions as you want — the cost doesn’t change. We’re here to help.
How is it different from other tutoring websites?
Where do we start 🙂
  • Our Content Guide is exam board specific — for real. Don’t waste any time figuring out what you need and what you don’t – we have already done that for you.
  • We have pre-made note templates for each topic. Print them out and fill them in with your own notes, and you’ll have your own concise -and perfectly on spec set of notes to help you smash your exams.
  • Our weekly Live Classes are topic specific throughout the year so you can learn the content and specific exam techniques. We switch to being exam specific in April to ensure you’re focused on what will get you most marks. You can access past class recordings anytime you want.
  • Our Exam Guide not only includes a collection of all the past papers you need, but also includes 3 videos PER QUESTION, PER PAPER to breakdown each question (Question Analysis), answer each question (Response Video), and mark each question (Mark Scheme Video). Learn from your tutor’s invaluable experience as they explain how to understand the question and maximise the number of marks you can get in the exam.
  • You have 24/7 access to your tutor — more than your teacher and your home tutor (not to mention, that it costs less).
  • Money Back Guarantee: if you don’t improve by at least one full grade, we’ll give you your money back. No questions asked.
  • And most importantly: Our Biology tutor has the best moustache you’ve ever seen.
How is it better than having a tutor at my home?

Here’s some major benefits over having traditional home tutoring:

  • You can ask questions 24/7, and get answers the same/next day
  • Ask away—the cost stays the same, no matter how many questions you have or how many times you need to revisit a topic – we’re here for you
  • We can always fit you in – no waiting or schedule challenges 😉
  • Our guide videos are digital. That means you can learn 24/7 and wherever you want
  • Learn at your own speed – You can pause, replay, and revisit an explanation as many times as you need until you get it
  • And to top it all – it’s even cheaper than having a regular tutor
What’s the difference between the Content & Exam Guide?

Content Guide: learn entire topics according to the spec in 8–10 minute videos, build your own exam specific mini-textbook using concise notes templates for each topic and attend our weekly live classes.

Exam Guide: learn proper exam technique (which makes up for 65–70% of your exam grade), practice past papers, uncover & strengthen your weak topics & skills, and understand what questions are most likely to come up on your exam (and how to answer them to get the marks).

How many live classes are there? How do they work?
You can join the live classes inside the Academy, within your Content or Exam Guides. There’s one live class per subject per week. We offer bonus web classes as exams approach to make sure you’re covered. Feel free to ask any question during the live classes.
How can the videos be so concise – Do they really cover everything?
There’s no waffle. Every topic video is directly matched to your spec. We cover only what is 100% relevant and teach you exactly how to get the marks.
Are the tutors equally good (across all subjects)?
Each tutor has a professional degree in their respective subject. They each have over 10 years of teaching / tutoring experience (some even 15+ years) and have a proven track record of helping students achieve outstanding results. Our tutors have sat & marked every exam in the past paper library (and hundreds more). They know what’s on spec, and how to answer each question to get top marks.
How much does it cost?
To compare our guides, check their prices or sign up for a subscription visit our pricing page.
Are the Testimonials real?

Yes – Ask anyone who’s used it and they’ll tell you 😉 You can find more reviews on: Facebook, The Student Room, Instagram, and YouTube.

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