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Tailored Tutors is the UK’s #1 Flipped Learning educational tool for AS and A Level Biology, Chemistry, and Maths. Schools that use our online academy to support students report new class grade averages that are 1.6 grades higher, with no U’s!

Our free school programme continues to be ‘no strings attached’—which means there are no costs or hidden fees. Our programme is complete, exam board specific, flexible and covers the spec perfectly. Best thing of all? Students genuinely love it!

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    • Completely free: no costs or fees
    • Used by schools & colleges across the UK
    • Positively impacts student’s grades
    • Empowers students to take control of their own learning
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Common Questions

Who can sign up to TT Flip?
Only teachers can sign themselves & their students up to TT Flip. TT Flip is designed to support teachers and their student both in and out of the classroom. If you are a teacher and are interested, simply email us at hello@tailoredtutors.co.uk with your inquiry to get the ball rolling. If you are a parent or student, please email with your inquiry and let us know you are not a teacher—we’ll happily send you some information that you can pass on to a teacher.
I’m a teacher and I’ve signed up to TT Flip in the past. Do I need to apply again?
Teachers or schools who previously signed up to TT Flip do not need to apply again. Simply email us at hello@tailoredtutors.co.uk detailing the information about your school and the subject(s), exam board(s) and total numbers of Year 12 & Year 13 students you wish to sign up—we’ll get back to you.
Why flip your classroom?
Inverting the traditional pedagogical approach acknowledges the ease with which today’s students can access information as well as the importance of the teacher-student relationship in building confidence and reducing anxiety. The immediate feeling for a teacher who flips their classroom is that it’s like having twice as much time with the students.
What experience does Tailored Tutors have with flipping the classroom?
Ronnie George (the TT Maths Solo course creator) is our resident flip education expert, having flipped her classroom back in 2012 when she was the head of her maths department. Before joining TT, she produced resources and delivered teacher training to support colleagues across the South East to do the same.
How does flip education with TT actually work?
In short, students homework becomes watching TT tutorials on new content and making notes ahead of time, and class time is then used to work on what was previously set as homework. Students are then free to strengthen skills and deepen understanding through teacher facilitated problem solving and peer support during class time.
Why use Tailored Tutors for flip learning?
Our resources cover the entire specification and are tailored diligently to the exam board your students need. Our resources have also been developed by experienced, high performing teachers with up-to-date knowledge of learning theory and the emerging research as it relates to online learning—you can rest assured student’s time spent learning outside of the classroom is well supported.
What if students don’t watch the homework video before the lesson?
Students sometimes find the flip model disorientating and some need support to get into good habits, just as they would with ‘normal’ homework. Setting clear expectations is crucial as students begin to manage their progress in a more proactive way and move from passive to active learning. The bonus of TT resources is that the video tutorials are always there and accessible anytime for the students to return to.
Have any other schools tried using TT for flip learning?
Yes! Many. And the results are clear: using TT for some or all of the content delivery in the course increases grades. Teachers have more time with students for deepening their understanding, testing their knowledge and continually improving their practice—thus leading to improved learning & exam outcomes. We would be happy to put you in touch with some of our fully flipped teachers to hear more.
Can I trust that the TT videos cover the whole spec?
Yes. And—they are as concise as humanly possible. Students would only need to be set about an hour per week of videos to easily complete the specification by mid-March, leaving plenty of time for revision & exam past paper practice. We can provide you with documents linking spec points to each TT tutorial inside the course, if you are interested.
What’s the cost?
There is no charge for TT Flip. Plain and simple.
What’s the catch?
There’s only one catch—as a TT Flip Teacher, we would love for you join other Flip teachers in two short Zoom meetings in Dec & Apr to provide feedback and let us know how you’ve been using the courses in your classroom—we want to continually improve Flip experiences.
What will my students get/not get with TT Flip?
Your students will be able to access all TT content tutorial videos for their exam board completely free—benefiting from our most valuable resource. However, they will not have access to premium features reserved for paid TT Members, such as the ability to ask questions, come to our Live Classes, test with bespoke quizzes, build exam skills with our exam guide or access the current year’s data backed Predicted Papers. If at any point one of your students wishes to upgrade to a paid Membership, they can simply follow the sign up process on our website.
Couldn’t they just use YouTube?
Whilst there is a lot of content on YouTube, it’s rarely exam board specific, is quite often misleading or inaccurate, and is not typically taught by world class tutors. With TT Flip, you can be certain your students are accessing reliable resources that appropriately support them to get the grades they need in the exam.
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