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  1. Purchase and use one of our biology or chemistry courses to prepare for your exam
  2. Use the TT Revision Method™
  3. Submit evidence of your progress using the TT Revision Method™
  4. Submit evidence of your first choice firm university offer
  5. Submit evidence of your final grade

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Terms & Conditions

Dear Tailored Tutors Member,

Terms & Conditions always sound rather dry and legalistic. That’s because they need to be clear and fair to everyone who reads them.
Don’t be put off! We offer this guarantee because we’ve seen so many students just like you achieve their dreams and we truly believe you can too!
We’re the exam experts and we’re on your side.

  1. The Tailored Tutors A/A* Guarantee (the Guarantee) applies to the student who:
    1. Purchases an eligible Tailored Tutors package while the offer is live on our website. Eligible courses are any of the following single or multiple-subject Ultimate Guide subscription packages which match the A Level exams the student intends to sit in the current academic year that were purchased by no later than April 20th 2024:
      • Subjects: Biology & Chemistry
      • Specifications: AQA, OCR (A), Edexcel (A)
    2. Is applying to an English or Welsh university through the UCAS process in the current academic year;
    3. Is fluent in English and does not experience unusual difficulty in comprehending the language used in A Level exam questions or Tailored Tutors content, or expressing their answers in written English;
    4. Meets all criteria outlined in these Terms & Conditions;
    5. Sits, as intended, all A Level exams referred to in paragraph 1.a. and all other qualifications declared on their UCAS form.

  2. The Guarantee states that should the student who satisfies the criteria set out in these Terms & Conditions fail to obtain an A or A* OR the grade they need for their first choice (firm) university offer, in one or more of the subjects which match their subscription package then Tailored Tutors will refund all fees paid by the student for the relevant subscription package. In the case of multiple-subject packages where the student is entitled to a refund for some but not all of their subjects, the amount to be refunded will be calculated on a pro-rata basis.

  3. To qualify for a refund, the student must satisfy the study criteria by following the TT Revision Method™ over a minimum of nine weeks to complete three sets of A Level exam papers (9 papers in total) in the correct order, as follows:
    1. Attempt each paper in test conditions;
    2. Mark the paper accurately according to the official mark scheme and complete an MID (Marks I Dropped) sheet;
    3. Use TT resources (video lessons and past paper questions) to complete three hours of active revision on the topics and/or skills which cost them the most marks;
    4. Wait at least 24 hours before repeating steps a. b. & c. (with a maximum of 14 days in between repeats);
    5. If a mark of at least 70% (for Biology) or 75% (for Chemistry) is not achieved on this attempt, repeat step d. as many times as necessary to reach this threshold.

    6. If you have not been able to achieve the marks required to move onto the next paper after your 3rd attempt, please get in touch with your tutor directly inside your course or via our student support team at hello@tailoredtutors.co.uk so that we can help to get to the bottom of what you’re struggling with.

    Note: We encourage starting A Level past papers in January of the examination year, even if you haven’t yet finished the course content. Please find guidance on how to maximise the effectiveness of the TT Revision Method™ on the course and in live classes.

  4. In addition, the student must satisfy the administrative criteria by:
    1. Providing evidence for the study criteria in section 3. by submitting photos of their work via the relevant upload form on the A/A* Money Back Guarantee page inside the TT Academy within 24 hours of completing each paper and MID sheet, with all documentation reaching Tailored Tutors within 24 hours of their final exam (with their first past paper attempt evidence submitted no later than 20th April 2024);
    2. Providing evidence of their first choice (firm) university offer via the relevant upload form on the A/A* Money Back Guarantee page inside the TT Academy within seven days of accepting this firm offer or any subsequent changes that are made (by no later than 7th July 2024).
    3. Providing evidence of their final grades by completing the Money Back Guarantee claim form on this web page (including photographic evidence of their final grades) by no later than 15th September 2024.

  5. The Guarantee review process begins on September 15th of the examination year and refunds to qualifying students will be processed by October 31st of the same year. The review process consists of the following steps:
    1. The student completes the Money Back Guarantee claim form on this web page no later than 15th September of the examination year, uploading the required evidence including photographs of their examination results in the prescribed format;
    2. Tailored Tutors checks that the student has met the study criteria in section 3. and the administrative criteria in section 4. and all other requirements stipulated in these Terms;
    3. If all criteria have been met, Tailored Tutors will inform the student and refund the relevant fees to the card used to make the payments.

  6. Failure to read and understand these Terms & Conditions, the information on the A/A* Money Back Guarantee page inside the TT Academy, the evidence submission forms, or related emails sent to the email address supplied by the student, will not be accepted as an excuse for failure to meet the criteria set out. To ensure that deadlines are not missed, it is strongly advised that students do not opt out of emails.

  7. This Guarantee is a limited offer which may be withdrawn or reintroduced without notice. These Terms & Conditions are also subject to change, but Tailored Tutors will always honour the version which was live on the day the subscription was purchased.

Please Note: This offer applies to our Ultimate courses only. The Maths Solo course is not included.

Thanks for reading these Terms & Conditions.
Don’t forget, we truly believe you can achieve your dreams with us. Let’s get studying!

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