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Tailored Tutors is the UK’s #1 Flipped Learning educational tool for AS and A Level Biology, Chemistry, and Maths. Schools that use our online academy to support their students report new grade averages that are 1.6 grades higher.

Our free school programme continues to be ‘no strings attached’—which means there are no costs or hidden fees. Our programme is complete, exam board specific, flexible and covers the spec perfectly. Best of all? Students genuinely love it!

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    • Completely free: no costs or fees
    • Used by colleges across the UK
    • Guaranteed grade improvement
    • Empower your students to master the content at home
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Common Questions

Who is this for?
Teachers who would like to use Tailored Tutors video tutorials as part (or all) of their content delivery. 
Why flip?
Inverting the traditional pedagogical approach acknowledges the ease with which today’s students can access information as well as the importance of the teacher-student relationship in building confidence and reducing anxiety. The immediate feeling for a teacher who flips their classroom is that it’s like having twice as much time with the students.
What experience does Tailored Tutors have with flip?
Ronnie George is our resident flip expert, having flipped her classroom back in 2012 and since then when she was the head of her maths department. She produced resources and delivered teacher training to support colleagues across the South East to do the same. Now Ronnie teaches online with Tailored Tutors and works as senior examiner for Edexcel.
What is flip?
In short, students’ homework is to watch tutorials on new content and make notes. Class time is then used to work on what was previously set as homework – students strengthen skills and deepen understanding through teacher facilitated problem solving and peer support.
Why use Tailored Tutors for flip?
Without trusted, board specific resources, attempts to flip the classroom can quickly revert back to the traditional model. TT tutorials have been made by experienced high performing teachers with thorough knowledge of learning theory and emerging research as it relates to online learning.
What if they don’t watch the video before the lesson?
Students sometimes find the flip model disorientating and some need support to get into good habits, just as they would with ‘normal’ homework. Setting clear expectations is crucial as students begin to manage their progress in a more proactive way and move from passive to active learning. 
Have any other schools tried using TT for flip?
Yes! Many. And the results are clear – using TT for some or all of the content delivery in the course increases students’ grades. This makes sense because it gives teachers more time with students for deepening their understanding, testing their knowledge and continually improving their practice. We would be happy to put you in touch with some of our fully flipped teachers.
Can I trust that the TT videos cover the whole spec?
Yes! Very much yes. And they are as concise as possible. Students would only need to be set about an hour per week of videos to easily complete the specification by mid-March, leaving plenty of time for revision. We can provide you with documents linking spec points to specific TT tutorials.
What are the costs?
None. At the end of the year we will ask if your school/college or students would donate to our Scholarship Fund, which we use to give free online tuition to students at an educational disadvantage, but if you don’t want to donate that’s fine.
Will Tailored Tutors try to sell services or products to the school/college or students?
No. Absolutely not.
What will my students get/not get?
Your students will have free access to the Tailored Tutors Content Guide right up to their A Level exams. They will not have access to the Tailored Tutors Exam Guide and will not be able to ask us questions and get personal online support (unless they choose to subscribe). 


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