We’ve got the inside knowledge to navigate you through, right up until your last exam.

We know you’ve got a lot on your plate, right now, so each stage is stripped back to provide maximum grade improvement in as little time as possible!

Here’s the plan:


Try out the 2024 predictions and make sure you use the TT METHOD to get your target grade on each one.


Maximize your grade improvement by nailing down the most likely topics with our new prioritisation system

Request your own Personalized Revision Plan at any point if you’d like further guidance.

(It’s not too late for a plan – Rich can guide you on what to focus on with even 1 day left!)


3 Small But Powerful Sessions You Won’t Want to Miss (Luckily for you, we’ve recorded them!):

(Here’s the Biology AQA schedule as an example. Your personalised sessions for your subject and exam board will be within your course.)

– The AQA Essay Question Masterclass

– AS Condensed Topic Overview

– A level Condensed Topic Overview

Watch via the TT Lives page.


We’ll be with you every step of the way, with a session before and after EACH of your papers:

– The night before @6:00pm

– Detox after @5:00pm

Join via the TT Lives page

Get ahead by checking out last year’s Exam Strategy tips in the Exam Technique section

Get Started Now

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